Christmas covers

Christmas cover

The covers were fun to create and each metrical was hand pick by me. I had so much fun going to the material store and looking at the lovely Christmas material that I had a very hard time picking the once I wanted . I wanted to buy all of them but I had to settle for only five different materials.  Below I have displayed all four pillow  so everyone can view them.  Once I had my Christmas material, I decided to make the envelope covers from each material.   I love the idea that you can insert your current pillow or cushion into the covers.   For example, If  you have  family visiting for  the holiday, and you do not want them to soil your favorite cushion, no problem; just insert the cover over your favorite cushion to protect your current cushion.  Once the family and the holiday are over, remove the cover off your favorite cushion.  The added advantage is once Christmas is over you can then remove the cover from your cushion and put them up for next year Christmas.  What also nice about the covers are  that limited space is needed to store them  away for next year Christmas.  I am selling the pillows on  ( )  Sorry , I have limited supply of each cushion covers.

Christmas cover
Christmas cover
Christmas cover
Christmas cover

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