Back to my roots:



The storm that passed through  North West Austin, a few months ago, was not as bad as the storm in Houston. However, there was the possibility that my home might flood.

In preparation for the storm, all electoral devices were unplugged in my home. The only access I allow my son and myself to have were our Kindles and or cell phones.  Everything was unplugged.

After driving myself crazy by worrying about the storm and pacing back and forth in my home, I decided it best to keep myself busy by working on a project.  Since I cannot use my sewing machine, I decided to crochet.  Ladies I am not a professional when it comes to crocheting. I remember my grandmother tried her very best to teach me the trade. I love sewing, so I spent more time learning to sew and less time trying to improve my crocheting skills.

As the storm rage on in northwest Austin, I dragged out my crochet needle and yarn and began working on my project to keep myself from going crazy.   Yes, ladies working on my project give me a sense of peace. I will love to show you the slippers I created for my mother. However, I will like my mom to be the first person that sees her slippers.  Nevertheless, I can show you the slippers I made for myself.

I love my slippers; it is soft, can stretch and it very easy to make.  I guess I now understand why my grandmother loved to crochet. It gives her a sense of peace while she crochets her Doilies.


Let us get started.

Things you will need to have before you start your project.

Yarn (I use Homespun Barley from Walmart).

5.25 mm hook (if you purchase regular yarn you need an E 3.50mm hook).


Tapestry needle.

Regular needle.


A thread that matches your felt or fleece.

¼ yard of felt or fleece (I prefer fleece it is softer).

Measurement tape (to measure the length of your feet).

items for sewing a sole for slippers

For instruction on how to make the slippers, please check out Glama super easy slippers tutorial for beginners. I love the way she explains her work. If I explain how to make the slippers, I will confuse almost everyone.

Go to Made With Love By Glama or  on Youtube for the instruction on how to make a slipper.   Yes, I am given her credit because I love how she explains her steps.  Her tutorial is straightforward to follow along.

If your feet are as sensitive as my feet, then follow my instruction on how to sew a sole to the lower part of the slipper.


Step 1 trace your feet and cut out the pattern. (I trace my feet pattern on  white printer paper ).








Step 2 fold the felt material into two and cut out two copy of your feet pattern.

Step 3   separate the feet design into two soles.  One will be the right sole while the other the left sole.

Step 4 Pin the center of your sole pattern to mark your right from your left.

bottom of slippers

Step 5 turn your slipper inside out and pin your right sole to the bottom of the slipper.

pin felt slipper bottom

Step 6 Secure the sole to the inside bottom by using a slip stitch to sew around the lower part of the slipper.

sewing bottom of slipper

Step 7 Turn your next slipper inside out and pin the LEFT sole to the bottom of the slipper.  Repeat step 6 with the left slipper.

next side sewing the sole to slipper

Step 8  Turn your slippers both right side out:

slipper turn inside out

Step 10 if you will like a stronger grip on the bottom part of your slipper you can add drops of E6000 on the bottom of the slipper.  (I heard you can you puffy paint on the bottom of our slipper, I have not tried it out).

slipper with grip

There you have it, ladies.  You have your very own house slippers that are easy to make and comfortable to wear.



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