Great way to recycle used table cloth

Great way to recycle used table cloth

Here is an excellent way to recycle Peva table cloth and use the material to make a grocery bag.     One day while I was out shopping, my purchased dishwasher liquid spill into my grocery bag.  Since my bags are made from cotton, some of the liquid soaked through the cotton and spill into […]

Bad hair day Halloween embroidered design

Few days ago,  I made  a bad hair day  Halloween embroidered  design for my plain polo shirts.  Thinking that it looked good, I showed the design to my two sons and I asked  them for their opinion. My last son, after looking at it for several long minutes,  said that it looked  creepy.  My first […]


One of my  co-workers once asked me what prompted me to design my new drawstring  purses.   I will say it was  desperation.   Let me explain.   At my day job  my office space is very tiny. I have very little room on my desk for my phone, handbag , lunch and my paper work.  My handbag […]

Late  but not forgotten

Late but not forgotten

Yes everyone, I have not blog for the last few weeks because my son was under the weather . Now that he is much better I am once again a busy bee sewing items such as cell cases and bags for the thanksgiving and Christmas shoppers. Yes I know black Friday is about a week […]

My Coworker Received her gifts

My Coworker Received her gifts

My coworker received her baby gifts and she was very happy when she saw her new baby bag, a baby bib, three baby washcloths and one changing mat. My coworker likes the fact that her bag did not scream, “Hello mother to be, I am your new baby bag”. She also likes the illusion of […]