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Great way to recycle used table cloth

Great way to recycle used table cloth

Here is an excellent way to recycle Peva table cloth and use the material to make a grocery bag.     One day while I was out shopping, my purchased dishwasher liquid spill into my grocery bag.  Since my bags are made from cotton, some of the liquid soaked through the cotton and spill into […]

What makes my phone case special?

My fashionable mobile phone purse with shoulder strap and fob is designed for our on the go ladies and mothers.  It’s creative detachable strap and fob give you the advantage in interchanging to different ways in which you can carry your cell phone case. Here are some of the ways in which you can use […]

Christmas covers

The covers were fun to create and each metrical was hand pick by me. I had so much fun going to the material store and looking at the lovely Christmas material that I had a very hard time picking the once I wanted . I wanted to buy all of them but I had to settle […]